Homemade dishes made every day with the best ingredients


Houmous with crudites and naan bread 8.45€

Cesar salad with grilled chicken, parmesan cheese and anchovy sauce 10.55€

Cheese and confited pear salad with nuts and honey 11.55€

Avocado and tomato tartare with goat cheese 11.55€

Russian salad with warm prawns and crispy onion 12.65€

Assorted tomato salad with tuna ventresca and spring onions 12.55€

Prawn ceviche with Idiazabal cheese and guacamole 12.65€

Wild tuna tartare with wakame seaweed 15.55€

Homemade foie micuit with figs 16.95€


Patatas bravas with ali oli dressing 6.95€

Croquettes filled with iberico ham or Idiazabal cheese (6 units) 8.95€

Cod fitters with red mojo 10.55€

Crispy baby squid with tartar sauce 11.55€

Stir fried vegetables with idiazabal cheese and nuts 11.55€

Parmigiana grilled aubergines with mozzarella and parmesan cheese 12.65€

Prawns in tempura with spicy dressing 14.95€

Grilled octopus with mashed potatoes and green mojo 16.75€


Fried eggs with crisps and iberico ham 12.55€

Ratatouille with cod and fried egg 12.55€

Spanish omelet with iberico ham and melted cheese 13.65€


Mushrooms risotto with wild asparagus and parmesan cheese 11.55€

Black rice with crispy baby squid and ali oli 13.55€

Creamy rice with prawns and baby squid 13.55€

Creamy duck rice with foie 14.65€

Rigatoni with mushtooms and mozzarella 12.55€

Tagliatelle with truffle carbonara egg and parmesan 12.55€

Pappardelle with real ragout and pecorino cheese 12.95€


Fried hake with fries, peppers and prawn mayonnaise 14.75€

Grilled salmon with avovado, tomato, asparagus and lime 15.95€

Grilled cod with aubergine, peppers, tomato and romesco sauce 16.55€

Grilled tuna with mediterranean dressing 19.55€


Bacon cheese burger with poached onion, lettuce and tomato 12.95€

Iberian burger with ham, manchego cheese and fried egg 13.95€

Grilled marinated chicken with vegetables and fries 12.95€

Veal cheeks in sauce over mashed potato 14.55€

Steak tartar with potato chips 17.95€

Sirloin cordon bleu with iberian ham and melted cheese 19.95€

Sirloin with foie, murhrooms and truffle sauce 20.95€

Grilled beef tenerloin with fries and peppers 21.95€


Carrot cake, carrot and sweet potato cake with roasted peaches 6.25€

“Flowepot” of 3 kinds of chocolate with biscuit ice cream 6.25€

Thin apple pie with vanilla ice cream 6.25€

Caramelised french toast with almond ice cream 6.75€

Creamy chgeesecake with «leche merengada» ice cream 6.75€

Brownie with creamy chocolate and vanilla ice cream 6.75€

Ferrero rocher with hazelnut ice cream 6.75€

Choice of artisanal ice cream (2 scoops) 5.25€